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QDance Center Presents Dancing Cities. Apply Now.

“Dancing CITIES”. A unique dance competition where 12 dance groups/crews compete to win 2 Million Naira cash prize + scholarship for International training/mentorship, to be awarded to the dancers of the year in December 2015. Dancing CITIES will spread its activities all year round, the qualifying series moves from one community to another every trimester. It is to be a veritable confluence of various dance forms/styles, whether you are into hip hop or ballet, ballroom or krump, contemporary or traditional dance styles, the criteria for judging is in the level of creativity and innovation in delivery.


Application for the first edition of Dancing CITIES is now on. To be eligible you must present a dance performance that is no longer than 10 minutes, each group must consist of 2 to 10 dancers on stage.

Towards our effort to award the top three dance groups who will go home with the 2 Million Naira cash prize, we shall host three preliminary Dancing CITIES every quarter in accessible spaces, within various communities where communal activities already take place, such as football fields, playing grounds, car parks, community centres etc.

The debut edition will hold in march 2015 “Dancing CITIES Yaba”, then in June “Dancing CITIES Oshodi” thereafter “Dancing CITIES Festac” in September. In each of these cities we shall select the top four dance crews/groups, each crew/group get a financial support to perfect their piece, with a possibility of using our studio space with an assigned mentor choreographer in preparation for the Grand finale to happen on 26 December 2015, where awards and cash prizes shall be given.

At the Grand Finale in December, 1 male and 1 female dancer of the year will get a cash prize and also enjoy an international scholarship for further dance training/mentorship abroad.


To register your group/crew, you must fill in the online application below, no later than 28 February 2015. Any application that comes in after the deadline will not be accepted.

Audition dates are 7th and 14th of March 2015, While Dancing CITIES Yaba will hold on 28 March 2015. Call 08120235336 or write us at for further enquiries.

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