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DG White

The QDanceCenter operates as a creative incubator, which applies artistic competence, human resources, innovation and creativity, as capacities for development. At QDC, we recognize that innovation usually happen when two or more sets of knowledge collide. Often, art and entrepreneurship operates in different worlds, our ability to operate ‘at the edge’ as a social enterprise, led to new ways of doing.

danceGATHERING Lagos was initiated as an annual get-together, where we are all invited to connect by philosophies and plan for a paradigm shift. The 2020 edition was initially billed to hold from 6 - 19 April, but in the interest of public health and in compliance with local health advisories as regards COVID-19, it became impossible to continue with our plans, but instead of announcing a cancellation, we pushed our thoughts even further; what if we organise an exceptional Virtual danceGATHERING 2020

AFROPOLIS is a three-branched entity that operates as a hybrid media, which uses design thinking and digital technology to express new methods of professional engagement for the performing arts. Between a dynamic roster of creatives (afropolis tribe), a community of audience, producers, and presenters (afropolis app), as well as an annual travelling festival (afropolis gathering). With the purpose of generating creative synergy within a distributed network of global Africans and incubate innovative works by affiliates.

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