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danceGATHERING 2018

danceGATHERING spans from the simple idea of initiating a space for anti-disciplinary practice on the African continent. What happens when we gather creative innovators, thinkers and practical problem solvers to be part of something special, to share the same space and time with creative performers, who are radically shifting the boundaries of knowledge in the field of arts? (Choreographers, Musicians, Actors, Poets, DJs, Visual Artistes, Video artistes, Martial Artistes, Designers, Architects, Writers, Historians, Philosophers and everything in between.) All of these different disciplines coming together to work on ideas that don't necessarily fit into one discipline.

The theme for our second edition is BODY and MEMORY, its curatorial direction focuses on diverse forms of creative endeavours, that variedly explores the body as a storehouse of memories and Inherited traumas, as the living thing that has passed through the tunnel of history, the body as a prized possession, a battle field and a space of freedom; memory as an element of healing and reconstruction, to go beyond set limitations and communicate those in non verbal, performative forms. On the final weekend, it transforms into a performance festival, turning Broad Street in the Lagos CBD, into our arena, where all the findings and outcomes of the lab will be shared with a larger audience in performative forms.

Project Gallery

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