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FLASH / 2013

During the winter quarter 2013, i was invited to UC Davis to be their Granada Artist-in-Residence, where i was invited to create a new work for the students after i made a university wide search for talents, there i created FLASH, a piece for 10 performers, a poetic and multidisciplinary attempt to present painful memories. It was presented by the Department of Theatre and Dance, it premiered on Thursday, March 7 and ran through March 17 in the Main Theatre, Wright Hall at UC Davis.

How do we attain Grace within the muffling burden of memory?

That simple state of vertical elegance and refinement that has given up all rigidity.

Is it in the dose of bliss or in the quality of consciousness?

To attain that beatific height of ecstasy called BLISS – or to go even further to rapture -

are we required to pass through the dizzying sensation of vertigo

that often ends in RUPTURE?

All becomes a FLASH

The LASH (of Torture)

The ASH (of Ruins)

The SH (of Hush)

The ​H (of Hydrogen).

They cease to be palpable, but gas.

FLASH is an attempt to speak about painful memories – the light that lingers after it flickers.

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